BY-F12 Semicircle Wooden Base Bar Shaker Set, Spec: 550ml

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1. Material: stainless steel, bamboo 2. The surface adopts mirror light technology, which is not easy to oxidize and rust, and has good heat resistance 3. The interior of the pot adopts the horizontal strip drawing process, which is easy to clean, safe and healthy 4. The three-stage separation design of the bartender is one-piece, sturdy and durable 5. Delicate honeycomb round hole filter design, smooth water flow and effective filtration 6. Weight: 350ml: 1100g, 550ml: 1168g, 700ml: 1200g, 750ml: 1200g Packing List: -Mixer x 1 – Flat button x 1 -Wine stopper x 2 – Wine pourer x 2 -Seahorse knife x 1 -Measuring cup x 1 – Ice Crusher x 1 -Ice clip x 1 -Filter x 1 -Bamboo frame x 1


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