Leopold Vienna Bar Set 7 Piece Shaker 700ml LV233024

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Start shaking cocktails with this extensive bar set! The bar set contains everything you need to shake delicious cocktails: a shaker; this is where all the ingredients come together and you mix the cocktail. a bar buddy; with this you can measure the right amount of drink when preparing cocktails. a bar strainer; is used during pouring to stop, among other things, ice cubes, lemon seeds, etc. that should not come into the glass. a muddler; ideal for crushing citrus fruit and mint. a twisted spoon; Ideal for dosed addition of drinks or creating layers in the cocktail.two glasses; the presentation, pour the cocktail into these stylish glasses. Make the tastiest cocktails in no time with the Leopold Vienna shaker. The shaker is very user-friendly and made of matt stainless steel. With a volume of 700 ml, it is generous for mixing the ingredients. The bar set comes in a stylish gift box.


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