Mixed in Minutes

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A step-by-step guide to creating fifty classic and contemporary cocktails, without the need for cocktail-making equipment or tricky techniques. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing drink in the garden or a quick night cap, Mixed in Minutes contains a range of fuss-free cocktails for every time of the day. From an espresso martini to the perfect mojito, a frozen margarita to a boozy hot chocolate, you can recreate your favourite cocktails at home using these quick and simple recipes. Beautifully illustrated with full-colour photography, this easy-to-follow cocktail book includes: – Simple instructions for creating the perfect cocktail, without a shaker or strainer – Cocktail-making hacks – no muddling or shaking required – Recommendations for garnishes and creative twists – Average cost of each cocktail – Recommended pairing for every recipe to spritz your drink and halve its alcohol content Easy to use and filled with a variety of accessible, delicious and bar-quality recipes, Mixed in Minutes is the go-to cocktail book that makes a lovely gift for your friends or yourself.


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