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In this collection, Natalie Jacob, experienced NYC bartender and founder of the blog Arsenic Lace, brings together the best drinks from the midcentury period, the original era of cocktail parties, tiki bars and martini lunches. Get tips on making professional cocktails and flavoured syrups, as well as building a swanky home bar. Become a pro with egg whites for flips and sours, and master familiar favourites like the Mai Tai, Monte Carlo and more.Experience glamorous simplicity with sophisticated drinks like the Good Fellow, an elegantly layered blend of Vermouth, bitters, bourbon and Calisaya, a bittersweet orange liqueur popular with pre-prohibition drinkers. Keep it cool with tropical beverages harking back to the 1950’s tiki craze, such as the irresistible Missionary’s Downfall: rum, brandy and honey syrup brightened with a refreshing dash of lime, and served up over crushed ice. Natalie mixes it up with her own signature midcentury inspired cocktails. Her original Flying Down to Rio, made with cachaca, features warm notes of vanilla, mixed with earthy Thai basil and coconut cream. This book is the perfect gift for cocktail aficionados looking to hone their bartending skills and drink up the history behind iconic recipes. It’s also an approachable guide for beginners, with insider advice on how to shake, stir and blend every recipe with precision and style.This book will have 75 recipes and 75 photographs.


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