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Since the earliest days of cameras and photography, the idea that an event or a person could somehow be frozen in time and preserved forever has fascinated people. This absorbing book features many of the most famous and historically significant cameras ever produced from the 1930s through the 1990s. Famous American brands such as Imperial, Kodak, Spartus, Polaroid, and Argus are shown, as well as early cameras from Beacon, Packard, and Falcon. Camera types include rangefinder, viewfinder, and single lens reflex, plus foldouts, instants, premiums, plastic art cameras, and even disposables. Here too are many American made movie cameras from Bell & Howell, Kodak, Revere, DeJur, Technicolor, and Keystone, along with Japanese models from Yashica and Chinon and the popular Swiss made Bolex. Though no longer being produced, many of these wonderful older cameras are still available to collectors and are surprisingly inexpensive. Valuable information on where to find them, what to pay, and how to start or add to your own collection is provided.Titel: Cameras For CollectorsISBN: 9780764315213Bandtyp: HäftadSpråk: Engelska


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